Welcome to MOFSA

The Marianne Oberg Foundation for Spiritual Art (MOFSA) is a 501(c)(3) private foundation whose mission is to inspire, encourage and support the creation of spiritual art, which deepens us, fosters healing and wholeness, and catalyzes growth and transformation.This is our vision:

The  Marianne Oberg  Foundation for Spiritual Art exists to support artists who create works that inspire peace within individuals and between disparate communities.  MOFSA is not bound to any particular religious creed, rather we hope to encourage artists as they pursue their own spiritual path.

We pursue our educational mission through grants to artists and exhibits of spiritual art.

Grants to Artists

MOFSA will support grants to artists to help them financially in developing and implementing their own vision of spiritual art. Recipients of grants are expected to contribute one or more original pieces of art to an exhibit sponsored by the Foundation. The artwork produced by the artist is not kept by the Foundation but is returned to the artist after the exhibit.

2024 Spiritual Art Grants

2022 Spiritual Art Grant Recipients

2020 Spiritual Art Grant Recipient: Martin Dunn

2018 Spiritual Art Grant Recipient: Jennifer McCormick

Exhibits of Spiritual Art

MOFSA sponsors exhibits of spiritual art. The exhibits may be virtual or physical, in cooperation with a gallery or other suitable venue. The selected pieces can reflect different spiritual and religious traditions.

2022 Virtual Exhibit: “Towards the Spiritual”

2019 Exhibit: “There Is Healing in a Story: An Invitation to Spiritual Art”