2020 Spiritual Art Grant Opportunity

Applications are now closed. Grant has been awarded to Martin Dunn.

We are delighted to announce our second grant program for artists who see the world from a spiritual perspective and who seek to express their view of the transcendent in their artwork. The recipient should already have some body of work in this direction and a desire to create more. The recipient will be awarded a $10,000 grant to be presented at an exhibit at the Mint Hill Arts Gallery in Mint Hill, North Carolina in October, 2020. The  exhibit will feature the work of the grant recipient and additional space for the work of other artists submitting for the grant. The grant recipient will create a new work to be unveiled at the exhibit.


Open to all artists over the age of 18 residing in these southeastern states: North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia and Florida.

All media, including oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolors, drawings, mixed media, fiber and sculpture.


Entry Deadline: December 31, 2019
Selection Notice: February 15, 2020
First Day of Exhibit: September 30, 2020
Last Day of Exhibit: October 28, 2020


One artist will be awarded a $10,000 grant, to be presented at an exhibit of the artist’s work. We seek to support artists who already have an existing body of spiritual art and have potential for further growth but lack the means to evolve, either because of lack of external support or finances.


The theme of MOFSA’s 2020 exhibit is “Towards the Spiritual” and will feature the work of the grant recipient, including a new work not previously shown elsewhere. The exhibit will also include the work of selected other artists who submit for the grant, who will share equally in $2000 of additional awards. All artwork shown at the exhibit must be original and available for sale.  All artists whose work is shown in the exhibit are expected to comply with the legal agreement in the call on the CaFE website.


Submission is to be made through CaFE. To apply you will need CaFE account and be logged in.

  • All applicants must provide digital images of 5 pieces of work they wish to submit. Click here for CaFE guidelines for image submission. Artists must also submit a statement and biography, as described below.
  • Nonrefundable fee: $40 paid by credit card or PayPal through CaFE, or by check payable to MOFSA and mailed to MOFSA, 4515 Emory Lane, Charlotte, NC 28211.


We’d like to hear about what drives your work. Please prepare a statement which answers the questions below:

  • How has art changed you?
  • What is the role of spirituality in your life?
  • What is the role of art in transformation, both at the personal and at the global level?
  • How do you plan to develop your art as it reflects in your ongoing spiritual journey?
  • What are your thoughts for the new work you want to create.

For additional understanding of our organization, your audience, please read the statement “Philosophy and Spirit of the Foundation” by MOFSA founder Bob Oberg and the discussion of spiritual art prepared by founding members of the MOFSA Board.


Along with your images and statement, please submit a biography. Also, your website, if you have one, or information available about you on any other website.


All 2D work must be suitably framed (or sides cleanly finished or painted) and properly wired and ready to hang. No sawtooth hangers. Drawings, watercolors and pastels on paper must be under Plexiglas. No glass is acceptable for works that are shipped. All work must be original; no reproductions will be accepted.


All work must be for sale. Mint Hill Arts will receive 20% commission on all art works sold as a direct result of the exhibit either during the show or within 30 days following the close of the show.


All work must be hand-delivered and or shipped to arrive in a timely manner before the exhibit. Substitutions and late arriving work will not be exhibited. Work must remain for the duration of exhibition. Accepted artists will receive detailed instructions.


All hand delivered unsold work must be picked up by the date specified in the detailed instructions. Works not removed on these days will be placed in storage at artist’s expense and released by arrangement with MOFSA. Unsold works that are shipped will be returned in the original packaging via artist-supplied pre-paid label.