Robert Oberg

Robert Oberg received bachelor’s and doctor’s degrees in Mathematics from the University of California (Berkeley) and Harvard University. He taught Mathematics at the college level and worked for computer companies as a software engineer. Now semi-retired, he writes training materials in software development for his company, Object Innovations. He and Marianne were married for almost forty years and pursued spiritual journeys together. He founded MOFSA in Marianne’s memory.

Martin Dunn

Marty Dunn is a native of the Kansas City area. He has two children and two grandchildren. He attended Rice University School of Architecture and graduated from the University of Missouri as a Medical Doctor. For the past twenty-plus years he and his family have been Florida residents. Marty is a third generation artist, practicing representational art in oils. His passion is to pursue spiritual art wherever that takes him. He was the 2020 recipient of the MOFSA Spiritual Art Grant and joined the board the same year.

Sandra Loehr

Sandra Loehr earned her undergraduate degree in History and Education from the Ohio State University. Her first teaching position was in a pilot elementary school  designed as a collaboration between Ohio State and a local public school system; the mission of the project was to develop an interdisciplinary curriculum with a focus on the arts and community involvement.  Sandra’s additional teaching experiences include early childhood education, special education and many years as a university professor and administrator in graduate teacher education studies.  Along the way, she earned a Master’s degree in Religion from the University of Chicago Divinity School and a Master’s degree from Harvard University in Child Development.  Her doctoral work in History and Philosophy of Education was completed at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Sandra’s life experiences have reinforced her belief in the power of the arts to engage and to inspire personal creativity and spiritual expression that inform the life and spirit of the community as well.  She is looking forward to participating with MOFSA in the work of supporting individual artists as well as the sharing of spiritual artistic works with a wider audience.  Sandra lives with her family in North Carolina and enjoys singing in a local community chorus. native plant gardening, and volunteering with animal welfare 

At-Large Board Members

Carly Ouzts

Carly Smith Ouzts received a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Furman University. As Medical Coordinator at Carolina Raptor Center she is responsible for the medical care of the 900-1000 injured birds of prey that are admitted each year.  She also manages the medical volunteers and interns. She met Marianne in 2011 when Marianne began volunteering at the Raptor Center. They shared a connection with animals and their spiritual qualities.

Carlos Alvarez

Carlos Alvarez is a Fine Artist, Art Teacher and Self-Published Author ( His many years of experience in the field of Fine Arts include, running his own gallery/frame shop, representation by galleries in Charlotte, NC and Key West, FL, and helping to develop an Art Center in Mint Hill, NC. Carlos first met Robert and Marianne Oberg as his students in the latter mentioned Art Center. Carlos and Robert have developed what could be called a spiritual connection in recent years that goes beyond the student-teacher relationship; which has inspired Carlos to be part of the Marianne Oberg Foundation for Spiritual Art.

Robert Canavello

Robert Canavello received his Bachelor’s degree in music from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, a Master’s degree from Lesley University in psychology and music, and a Master’s degree in theology from Harvard Divinity School. To supplement a piano teacher’s salary, Robert became a programmer and later a technical writer. He retired a few years ago, which has given him the time and freedom to teach and perform. He met Bob and Marianne in the 1980s, who both significantly contributed to his own spiritual thought and practice.

Jennifer McCormick

Jennifer McCormick received an M.A. degree from Johns Hopkins University Medical School in the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine, She pursued a career as a Board Certified Medical Illustrator in her own company, Art for Law & Medicine, Inc. , creating medically accurate illustrations that show what happens to a person involved in an accident. As a fine artist, Jennifer works in mixed media, including paper, chalk, gouache and colored pencil. Her X-Ray Visions series incorporate x-rays into artwork, designed to refocus attention on the patient narrative, not their diagnosis. These pieces strive to inspire hope, acceptance, and healing. McCormick was the first recipient of MOFSA’s spiritual art grant. She has chosen to go back to school to learn more about the care of patients and their families in their times of greatest need. She will continue with her artwork and medical illustration but expects it to take on new dimensions as she moves towards obtaining a degree in Nursing.

Katie Ree

Katie Ree is originally from Asheville, NC and now resides in Durham, NC. She has lived, traveled, and created around the world. She has been an Artist-in-Residence at Hot Springs National Park and Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts. Her work is both a meditative experience and an exploration of our connections with energy, spirit, nature, and beauty. Her hope is that we can all come back to ourselves, our best selves, in nature. In 2021, she began volunteering with MOFSA to support and encourage other spiritual artists.