Nicole Leth

Nicole Leth was 17 when her father died in 2010, following a long battle with mental illness. Her resulting dark night of the soul gave her the term ‘creative resilience’ and the deep desire to reach out to and comfort people who might be suffering, manifested as ‘My Affirmation Project’, founded in 2019.

Nicole has since spent the bulk of her time and money researching the human healing process and working to create soft spaces for real human beings to heal and face trauma with compassion. My Affirmation Project integrates statements of compassion and acts of artistic kindness into the world in unexpected and accessible ways. The work is always anonymous, free, and legal. Her name, website, or other information are never posted anywhere on the work once it is out in the world out of intention to keep the work about supporting community mental health rather than artistic ego. This has manifested as her tender yet honest poem-like affirmations being posted artistically and anonymously on road-side billboards, airplane banners, semi-trucks, barges, urban wheat-pasted posters, LED screens, stickers, yard signs, hand-made quilts, fliers, and murals all over the world. In addition to large-scale public art, Nicole also works to create iterations of this work that humans can engage directly with in an intimate way – she builds and sets up “free flower shops” in public spaces around the world and has created a mailing service in which 100,000 people have received hand-addressed postcards with her written affirmations on them every month for five years.  A quick internet search revealed Instagram posts from all over the world from people who have been affected by her public art and her tender postcards. Her 900 pieces of public art have received 100 million views. Below is one of our favorites. How poignant are her words of affirmation rising above the discount liquor, CBD, and check cashing shops below?

We at MOFSA are proud to include Nicole as one of our 2024 Spiritual Grant recipients.  More, so much more, on her website: