This private page (not linked to from the MOFSA website) is provided as a convenience to hold information for the class “Introduction to Spiritism”.

Supplements for 2019

Mediumistic painter Jose Medrado (June 9, 2019)

Recordings of Online Meetings

SB Part Three: Chapter V and VI – Laws of Preservation and Destruction
(Inácio and Ludmila) on July 28, 2019

SB Part Three: Chapter I – Divine or Natural Law (Inácio and Alfredo) on May 19, 2019

SB Part Two: Chapter VII – The Return to Corporeal Life (Inácio and Ludmila) on Feb. 17, 2019


Complete online reference of all of Kardec’s works – searchable

These links are in Portuguese. Can get automatic translation via Google Chrome browser

From works to found a Spiritist library
Alan Kardec – Paris, May, 1869

Spiritist Journey in 1862 and other journeys by Allan Kardec

Supplements for 2018

Supplement for Meeting 3 SB Part One, Chapters 1 – 3

The Spiritual Perspective of Evolution
by Marco Magalhaes
Toronto Spiritist Society, March 11 2018

Supplement for Meeting 5 SB Part Two, Chapters 2 – 3

I Am the Bubble, Make Me the Sea (Paramahansa Yogananda)

Supplement for Meeting 7

Documentary on Brazilian medium Chico Xavier (1910 – 2002). This film was created in 1955.