MOFSA News – June, 2020

In February we awarded our 2020 Spiritual Art Grant to Martin Dunn of Sarasota, Florida and invited four other artists to our upcoming exhibit, “Towards the Spiritual”. Since them the COVID-19 pandemic has had major impact on the world, and like other organizations, MOFSA is having to adapt.

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MOFSA Grant to Emily Clare

The Marianne Oberg Foundation for Spiritual Art has awarded a grant in the amount of $1000 to Emily Clare of Winston-Salem, NC. Clare’s artwork is based on the careful collection and preservation of delicate plant materials. She collects and dries specimens from her travels both far and near, including donations from a wide network of friends who know her from her daily neighborhood nature walks. The grant will fund purchase of a printing press to use with linoleum prints and mono prints,  a gelliplate, paper, and ink. The artwork will be disseminated through the Internet, at a time when art galleries and museums are closed.

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MOFSA’s 2020 Invited Artists

MOFSA’s 2020 Spiritual Art Grant has been awarded to Martin Dunn, who is receiving a grant of $10,000. Congratulations, Martin! We are also inviting four other artists, each of whom will receive an award of $500:

  • Joseph Bellofatto
  • Mia Bosna
  • Joanna Gould
  • Jennifer Printz


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