“Connect with Culture Day” at Carolina Raptor Center

MOFSA was invited by the Carolina Raptor Center to participate in “Connect with Culture Day”, co-sponsored by the Arts and Sciences Council, on February 8, 2020. The theme of the event was “Raptors Inspire Art”. We had a table at which we could share information about MOFSA with the community. Also, Bob was invited to a special speaking presentation, “Birds, Spirit and Art.” To a small but appreciative audience, Bob told the story of how Marianne volunteered at the Raptor Center and he followed in her footsteps. He spoke about MOFSA and read two poems, which were composed during and after volunteer shifts. We are grateful to the Raptor Center for this opportunity and hopeful that the event can mark the beginning of greater MOFSA involvement with the local community. We handed out a little memorial card.