Volunteer Opportunities

Would you like to volunteer some time to help us? Please contact us and tell us about yourself and how you would like to contribute.

Currently the following new volunteer position is open:

Communications Coordinator

You will assist us with our outgoing and incoming communications. You do not necessarily have to perform each task yourself, but you will be responsible for ensuring that they all get done.


Currently we send out email distributions using ConstantContact. We would like to migrate to MailChimp, which will be more economical for a small organization such as ours.

Also, we would like our volunteer to do the mechanics of sending out a newsletter. The editor will deliver the text to be sent out, and you will be responsible for attractively formatting the newsletter and sending it out. Develop and use a consistent template.


Currently we have a Gmail account. We would like to explore moving it to an address on our own domain. Establish a system of folders and/or tags that will enable us to store messages in an organized fashion.

As messages come in, answer ones you can and pass others on to the appropriate MOFSA person to handle them.