MOFSA Grant to Zangmo Alexander

The Marianne Oberg Foundation for Spiritual Art has awarded a grant in the amount of $2550 to Zangmo Alexander of Suffolk, United Kingdom. This grant will fund a year-long project in which Zangmo will draw on 26 years of Buddhist spiritual practices and visual fine art projects. Her goal is to create a body of paintings, drawings, prints and image-text pieces using Buddhist meditation and contemplation on knowing/not knowing.

The project includes three components

  • Excavating mind: An autobiographical contemplation on how conditioned mind grasps at experience such as perception, memory, conditioning and self as solid. This work will be expressed through four, wall hung, mixed media art works.
  • What Remains?: A large artist’s handmade book inquiring into what remains when we strip away impermanent, changing thoughts, emotions and identities.
  • Here-Not Here: An experiential, visual and haiku exploration of the Buddhist Heart Sutra ‘form is emptiness, emptiness is form’. This work will include four wall hung art works with haiku and/or Heart Sutra passages integrated with imagery on canvas or panel.

We wish Zangmo every success in her endeavor!