2024 Spiritual Art Grant Opportunity

MOFSA is delighted to announce our fourth call to spiritual artists.  Spiritual art is transcendent.  Spiritual artists are seekers.  They are lovers.  Their desire is for the flourishing of the human community. We are looking for individuals who are actively seeking the transcendent through their art as evidenced by a supportive body of work and a desire to create more.  Our grant recipient must be using the lens of spirit to focus on the better way, the way that leads to the beloved community.

The recipient will be awarded a $10,000 grant to be presented at the opening of a virtual exhibit on ArtPlacer in December 2024. The grant recipient is expected to prepare a new work to be unveiled in the exhibit. The exhibit will include the work of selected other grant applicants, who will share an additional $2000 in awards.

Applications are closed on March 31, 2024. Full details on CaFE. Stay tuned for  an announcement of the 2024 grant and award recipients by May 31, 2024.

MOFSA’s 2023 Special Grants

In 2023 MOFSA awarded special grants to three artists:

  • Giulia Loli
  • Lisa Penson
  • Susannah Ravenswing


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Giulia Loli

My art is about being a witness to the witness. And it is reassuring to know that there are witnesses (Bob and friends) to the witness (artist) to the witnesses (Ancient Indigenous Africans). So much of the source of Inspiration feeding the artistic mission has to do with living with the Indigenous Garden Keepers, the Maasai. They are holding the keys of Ancient Wisdom, our still-alive Ancestors, as we all collectively cross this threshold into the so-called ‘Age of Aquarius’. In following the magnetic pull of the Great Spirit, I am grateful to still be here and continue to build this bridge between Egypt and Tanzania via the Nile River (the River which begins in Tanzania’s Lake Victoria…my mother’s name —and ends in Egypt), cross-pollinating back into Europe and America et al. This gift happens to coincide with the gift of discovering my roots deep in Tanzania, with the greater purpose of Ancestral Healing and the most beautiful Hymn of All Creatures Praising the Creator…

Lisa Penson

I would describe my painting practice as process-led intuitive abstract painting. Choices relating to colour, composition and theme are not pre-planned; they emerge as the painting transforms across time. For me, this spontaneous, organic way of working is the most exciting part of the process. Although I try to ‘control’ as little as possible, as I near the end of a painting, I introduce a ‘framing’ technique to demarcate points of interest that have arisen through the placement of multiple, contrasting layers. Ultimately, I seek balance between opposing visual elements such as control and expression, expanses of colour and black brush marks, hard edges and watery washes that correspond to the harmonisation of universal principles such as masculine/feminine, dark/light and yin/yang. In 2017 I had what can only be described as a ‘spontaneous spiritual activation’ which has sent me on a journey towards finding my ‘true self’ and an exploration of this through my arts practice. I am investigating how I can integrate specific spiritual practices (sadhana) such as contemplation, meditation, mindfulness, ‘emptying’, presence, non-attachment and egoless practice into my art practice.

Susannah Ravenswing

I follow the spiritual traditions of my pre-conversion Northern European ancestors, and find great joy in using my artistic talents in creating devotional art for my faith. The generous grant MOFSA made available to me this year has helped in the acquisition of tools and materials for the undertaking of two very different projects. The first, an altar hanging depicting the story of the wolves Hati and Skoll chasing the Sun and Moon across the heavens, was rendered through appliqué  and embroidery in linen and cotton and now hangs behind the main altar at TwoTrees Sanctuary in Stokes County, North Carolina. The second project, still in progress, is the carving of a large cedar votive pole honoring the Norse God Odin. Historically, such votive images marked community worship spaces, and the completed godpole will be raised in the upper worship space at TwoTrees

New Work: Martin Dunn

Artist Martin Dunn received MOFSA’s major grant award in 2020. Since then, he has generously given of his time to serve on the board of MOFSA and continues painting at his Bradenton, Fl. studio. Like many of us, he’s turned his heart and mind to the topic of the environment in crisis. His new painting “Tower Rock”,  takes us to Mississippi in the Summer of 2022 and examines the fair distribution of water.

Tower Rock

Martin Dunn
Oil on canvas, 24 x 36 inches

Did you know the Mississippi went dry last summer? So did the Rhine and the Yangtzee? This painting was started with the intention of alerting people to an overlooked climate change related natural catastrophe, but it evolved into something else. The two young people have a panoramic view as the disaster unfolds. They are unemotional, detached, watching it play out. They know this car is out of control and the brakes have failed. Yikes. Read more from Marty’s website.

2022 Virtual Exhibit

Towards the Spiritual

Opened July 26, 2022

The Marianne Oberg Foundation for Spiritual Art (MOFSA) is pleased to announce its first virtual exhibit, featuring the work of our 2022 spiritual art grant recipients Deborah Hamon and Emily McIlroy along with the work of six other artists. These artists were chosen from over 360 applicants throughout the United States for our 2022 Spiritual Art Grant opportunity. Read about the grant winners and invited artists.

MOFSA exists to support artists who create works that inspire peace within individuals and between disparate communities. MOFSA is not bound to any particular religious creed, rather we hope to encourage artists as they pursue their own spiritual path. The artists represented in our exhibit reflect different religions and spiritual perspectives, all supportive of our vision.

The theme of our exhibit is “Towards the Spiritual”. In this time of darkness and multiple challenges, we hope that the work of our artists will support you in your life’s journey and inspire hope.

“Another Sun Will Rise”
Deborah Hamon

Our virtual exhibit uses the ArtPlacer platform and provides a 3-D viewing experience. We hope you will enjoy it!

MOFSA’s 2022 Spiritual Art Grants

This year MOFSA is pleased to announce that we have selected two recipients for our $10,000 spiritual art grant! The two winners are Deborah Hamon and Emily McIlroy. In addition, we are awarding a special grant of $2500 to Karen Benioff Friedman.

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Presenting MOFSA Artists

We are pleased to show you a video presentation of five artists who have received awards from MOFSA:

  • Mia Bosna
  • Joanna Gould
  • Jennifer Printz
  • Emily Clare
  • Zangmo Alexander

The video editing was done by Katie Ree. Thank you, Katie!

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Presenting Marty Dunn

MOFSA’s second spiritual art grant was awarded to Martin Dunn of Sarasota, Florida. Marty learned art from his father, who had been taught by his mother. Marty’s journey has taken him to nursing homes, operating rooms, county jails, homeless camps, Hispaniola, Africa, churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues. It has led him in a spiritual direction and to create painting that capture deep human experiences and offer hope.


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MOFSA News – June, 2020

In February we awarded our 2020 Spiritual Art Grant to Martin Dunn of Sarasota, Florida and invited four other artists to our upcoming exhibit, “Towards the Spiritual”. Since them the COVID-19 pandemic has had major impact on the world, and like other organizations, MOFSA is having to adapt.

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MOFSA Grant to Emily Clare

The Marianne Oberg Foundation for Spiritual Art has awarded a grant in the amount of $1000 to Emily Clare of Winston-Salem, NC. Clare’s artwork is based on the careful collection and preservation of delicate plant materials. She collects and dries specimens from her travels both far and near, including donations from a wide network of friends who know her from her daily neighborhood nature walks. The grant will fund purchase of a printing press to use with linoleum prints and mono prints,  a gelliplate, paper, and ink. The artwork will be disseminated through the Internet, at a time when art galleries and museums are closed.

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