MOFSA’s 2022 Invited Artists

Besides MOFSA’s 2022 Spiritual Art Grants, we are also inviting five other artists, each of whom will receive an award of $500:

  • Salma Arastu
  • Marvin Eans
  • Tara Flores
  • Taylor Ann Merchant
  • Ana Volentine


Salma Arastu

Salma Arastu describes herself as a woman, Hindu, Muslim, artist, and mother.  She works to create harmony by expressing the universality of humanity through paintings, sculpture, and calligraphy. She use her artistic voice to break down the barriers that divide in order to foster peace and understanding. Her Our Earth project seeks an awakening of a wider ecological consciousness, which requires the acknowledgement and celebration of our reciprocal relationship with the rest of the living world. Read more about Salma Aratsu.

Marvin Eans

Marvin Eans is a graphics designer and educator. He believes there is power in design that can help positively shape our society. As a designer he aspires to create work that it is engaging, compelling, and advocates for diversity, equity and unity. He desires to impact culture through design and help people feel confident and hopeful. As an educator he believes in helping students to develop a deep love and respect for themselves, others, and their environment. Read more about Marvin Eans.

Tara Flores

Tara Flores is a visual artist exploring the intersection between art, science and spirituality. In her “Subtle Matter” series she created a collection of painted meditations on the healing properties of individual crystals. In new work. light and sound, as well as living plants, will combine to create a healing biofeedback experience. She believes art can transcend language and social barriers to affect us intimately and fundamentally because art (creation) is so basic to our nature. Read more about Tara Flores.

Taylor Ann Merchant

After receiving her BFA degree at Appalachian State University and looking forward to graduate study and a career as an artist, Taylor Ann Merchant learned she had kidney disease and needed dialysis. She received the gift of life from a kidney transplant donated by her sister. This transformative experience led Taylor Ann to tell her story in art and to contribute to the world as she can. She has established a small charity to use proceeds from her art notes to help babies in need. Read more about Taylor Ann Merchant.

Ana Volentine

Ana Volentine is a self-taught artist. Growing up on a small farm, she connected with the natural world at an early age. Originally desiring to become an ER doctor. she found her calling as an artist. From drawing she moved on to creating murals. Her public art is on display at locations such as the UC Davis Cancer Center, where her 9′ by 70′ mural brings patients hope and respite from their many challenges. Her art has featured flowers and birds, and she is looking to expand her focus to include more animals. The goal is to paint the anima mundi as conscious beings with whom we live in harmony. Read more about Ana Volentine.

View the work of our invited artists in MOFSA’s virtual art show. Enjoy!